Asuka, the globe’s most ferocious female warrior, has found a home inside the yellow ropes of NXT. For more than 10 years, the grappling ace decimated opponents with skull-caving kicks and ligament-tearing submissions in her home country of Japan, under the alias of Kana. After accumulating a trove of championships and cultivating a fearsome reputation, the highly decorated fighting machine was brought to NXT’s acclaimed women’s division in September 2015, in what General Manager William Regal lauded as one of the brand’s most significant signings ever.

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Seeing the NXT Women’s division as her personal playground, NXT Women’s Champion Asuka took to the ring this week and toyed with Thea Trinidad, letting the newcomer get a few shots in before steamrolling over her. After forcing Trinidad to tap out with a Fujiwara armbar, NXT General Manager William Regal arrived with a message for The Empress of Tomorrow from her TakeOver: Toronto opponent, the returning Mickie James.

James warned that though Asuka may have defeated everyone in her path, she hasn’t faced anyone like her. The former Women’s Champion and Divas Champion warned that an “international incident” was going down in Toronto, which brought a smile to The Empress of Tomorrow’s face.


Asuka has claimed that no one is ready to challenge her. The NXT Women’s Champion’s theory will be put to the test at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, when she defends her title against the returning Mickie James.

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Since her arrival in NXT last fall, Asuka has dominated the competition. Everyone from the towering Nia Jax to the spirited Bayley has fallen before The Empress of Tomorrow. Asuka has remained undefeated since her debut, and though Superstars like Liv Morgan have tried to stand up to her in recent weeks, no one has been successful in knocking the champion off her pedestal.

With that in mind, NXT General Manager William Regal went outside the NXT roster to find Asuka’s next challenger. Mickie James is a 17-year veteran of the mat game, a five-time WWE Women’s Champion and a former Divas Champion. She’s defeated some of the greatest female competitors in WWE history, including Beth Phoenix and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. If anyone is ready for a war with Asuka, it’s James.

Will Asuka succeed the toughest test of her WWE career, or will Mickie James be the one to hand The Empress of Tomorrow her first defeat? Find out at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, live and exclusively on WWE Network, Saturday, Nov. 19, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT

Asuka defeated Liv Morgan in a quick and fast match. After the match Asuka is interviewed and warns the NXT Universe proclaiming that “No one is ready for Asuka”


Asuka defeated Bayley at NXT Takeover Brooklyn.

Following Asuka’s huge victory over Bayley the time for Bayley’s to challenge Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship was due. Bayley looked determined to become a champion again. Bayley would soon find out she would be unsuccessful. Both competitors gave it their all, but Asuka stood high with a striking kick to Bayley for the victory. After the match Asuka hugs Bayley.

At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, it’s Asuka vs. Bayley II.

Bayley is no stranger to New York’s Brooklyn borough, having won her first NXT Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. Now, one year later, in the very same building, the cornerstone of NXT’s Women’s division will try to make history by becoming the first woman to win the title twice.

Bayley has waited for another chance to battle Asuka ever since she lost the NXT Women’s Championship to The Empress of Tomorrow at NXT TakeOver: Dallas back on April 1. She has had to overcome injury and the imposing Nia Jax, but she has valiantly fought her way back into top shape. Now that she’s using her guaranteed rematch at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, all she has to do is defeat someone who is arguably the most dangerous female competitor to ever come through NXT.

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However, as the NXT Universe knows, if there is anyone with enough heart to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, it’s Bayley. NXT’s usually fun-loving, most huggable Superstar is more focused and determined than ever before, ditching her smile for a surprising steely edge in her quest to regain the NXT Women’s Title.

Despite Bayley’s determination, she is going head-to-head with a Superstar who not only beat her once before, but has defeated every opponent she has stepped in the ring with since arriving to NXT. The undefeated Asuka has paved a path of destruction with lightning-quick strikes and suffocating submission holds. And she has done it all with a frightening calmness about her.

Not one to embark in trash talk, the colorful champion employs the use of mind games to gain the mental edge over her opponents, and her run-ins with Bayley have been no different. Asuka has toyed with the No. 1 contender ever since Bayley requested this rematch, but it remains to be seen just how effective those mind games have been.

With an even more focused and prepared Bayley  ready for battle and Asuka proving to be as unforgiving and calculated as ever,  this title showdown should be nothing short of epic. Can Bayley make history by toppling NXT’s Empress of Tomorrow? Or will Asuka maintain her commanding rule over the NXT Women’s division?

Don’t miss NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II on Saturday, Aug. 20 at 8E/5P, live on the award-winning WWE Network.

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On this week of NXT Asuka and Bayley had their contract signing for their NXT Women’s Championship match scheduled for August 20th, at TakeOver: Brooklyn II!

Asuka retained her title against Ember Moon

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka retained over Becky Lynch with the Asuka Lock

WWE NXT Women’s Champion Asuka retained over Natalya with the Asuka Lock. Big pops for both women but Asuka was really over and had streamers for the presentation

Asuka retained the WWE NXT Women’s Championship against Natalya